Eavestroughing, Soffit & Fascia


5" Seamless Eavestroughing

Are your old eavestroughs leaking, cracking, separating from your roof? We have you covered! With our 5" Seamless Eavestroughing you can rest assured that you won't be having any further problems with drainage, or leaks. Available in a variety of colours to choose from. Our trained estimators work with you to make sure that you are assured any concerns about drainage are addressed.

We manufacture all our Eavestroughing on site and install seamless eavestroughs for homeowners, business owners, property managers, etc. All of our Installs include clean up of the job site and disposal of any work related waste.

We are also more than happy to come out and run off materials that you may need if you wish to install yourself!



Your soffits are in need of replacement or an update? Let us help you!  

Your soffits are located on the underside of your roof, between the fascia and siding. With the Eaves and and Fascia, your home gets a complete system that protects your homes structure from water damage. Soffits are also often a source of air flow for your roof.



Looking to replace your fascia board or update with a modern metal fascia. We're here to help!

The condition of your Fascia goes hand in hand with your Eavestroughing, if your fascia is rotted, your Eavestroughing will not hold on like its supposed to and you will experience leaks between your roofs edge and the Eavestroughing as well as unsightly sagging... 

Our Fascia is available in a variety of colours and we can match them to your Soffit, and Eavestroughing!

Alu-Rex T-Rex Fastening System & Durability

The T-Rex Fastening System allows for durable and debris-free gutters. Designed for new gutters, it is used both as a fastening system for gutters and as a leaf guard. This reliable and efficient gutter protection system has been installed on more than one million homes and comes with a 40-year clog-free warranty. This system is available upon customer request!


Why Use seamless aluminium Eavestroughs?

  • Seamless aluminium eavestroughing provides many benefits to all home owners.

  • Whether your home has vinyl siding, solid wood siding, brick, stone, or stucco. Seamless aluminum can be mounted and withstand all weather conditions.

  • Aluminium does not oxidize, so you will not have to worry about future damage due to rust!

  • Very low maintenance, due to powder coating, the finish lasts longer!

  • Highly Recyclable and Eco-Friendly due to its durability!

  • Available in a wide variety of colours, and paintable if you do have a custom colour in mind!

  • Most importantly, NO SEAMS MEANS NO LEAKS!

  • All of our Eavestroughing is custom made on site to your jobs specifications and all corners are custom made as well so you can barely tell where one corner begins and the other ends!