Frequently Asked Questions

What are Seamless Eavestroughs?

A Seamless Eavestrough is one of any length, that is run out without joining or seams. These are made using roll-forming machines that form metal coils into any length required. This means that no matter the length required, from corner to corner, their are no seams!

Why should I replace my eavestroughs?

Worn and damaged eavestroughing can lead to costly damage inside and outside your house, from flooded basements, siding rot and garden soil erosion. It's your choice to protect your property with a durable and maintenance free solution, that stands up to extreme weather conditions. We have an available colour chart for you to choose from a variety of colors to compliment the appearance of your home.

How much does it cost?

No website will give you an exact price without seeing your home first. There are many factors that go into your Quote, such as the required sloping, how many levels your home has, your homes actual level off the ground that the eavestroughs will be installed at and number of downspouts, ect. One of our estimators can give you accurate pricing and go over your drainage needs when they provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE

Do I have to be present While the job is being done?

We do prefer for a home owner to be home while we do the job due to a couple of reasons:

  1. We require access to Electricity, A working, outside power outlet is sufficient.

  2. We like the homeowner to be present for any assessments that have to be done during the job.

How many downspouts do I require?

It all depends on a homes specific drainage needs, but typically we install a downspout every for every 35 feet of Eavestroughing. This calculation changes based on how large a house is and how much we can slope the eavestroughing itself.

Why is a seamless aluminum eavestrough better than vinyl?

Vinyl gutters tend to leak and crack due to the snap together design of them. Vinyl also tends to have a lower profile and smaller diameter downspouts. Due to it being a product designed for DIYer's, you will never see a professional Eavestroughing Company use Vinyl Eavestroughing. In our opinion they should be avoided at any cost.

Why are my eavestroughs Leaking?

Your leaks can be caused by a variety of factors. If your eavestroughs are sagging, rusting or improperly sealed you will experience leaks. For this reason we use seamless eavestroughing to minimize the chance of your eavestroughs developing a leak. In some cases Eavestroughing also leaks due to problems with flashing on your roof, one of our Estimators can decide the best course of action for your home.

What payment Methods do you take? What is your policy on DeposiTs?

We accept Cash, Money Orders/Bank Drafts, All Major Credit Cards and Interac e-Transfer. A Credit Card Transaction Surcharge of 3.40% applies for all Credit Card Transactions.

As for deposits, despite being a licensed and bonded Prepaid Contractor, we do not take any deposit until your product has been ordered and on the truck ready to be delivered. In cases of large product orders, like GEM EuroShield or Metal, we ask you make payment directly to the manufacturer.


What is your REFERRAL and DISCOUNT Policy?

When you are getting renovations done, you will notice that a lot of friends, family and neighbours are also in need of Exterior and Interior Renovations. Most of our customers end up giving us an average of 8 referrals that sell, and that is how we run our business. It doesn't matter if you refer us someone a day after your job is completed or 5 years after, we pay $250.00 to you for each sold referral!

IE. 8 Referrals x $250.00 - $2,000.00 paid to you!

As for discounts, when we quote you we will give you the best possible price and include any Discounts, Sales, Coupons, Offers and Promotions Available at the time we quote. All our discounts are applied from our Regular Price/Normal Rates and not from the Price after Discounts/Discounted Rates on your quote sheet.

do I need to be there for an estimate?

We do request that you’re home for the estimate so that we can discuss products with you, go over any options that are related to your home. As well as to answer any questions that you may have about our process.

For this reason we also do not leave estimates in mailboxes or email them.

Why am i getting GRANULES off my new shingles?

As with any new shingle, you will get some minor shedding of granules from the shingles after a rainfall. This will cease after a few rainstorms.