OUr Roofing Products

We have a wide variety of roofing systems available and we only choose and install them knowing we would be proud to have them installed on our own homes. Whether you are looking to renovate or install on a new construction; we have you covered!


35 Year Architectural Laminate Fibreglass Asphalt Shingle

Our Entry Level Product is a Standard 35 Year Architectural Laminate Fibreglass Asphalt Shingle. It is the typical shingle that you will find on your average home built within the last 10 years and is generally the choice of homeowners who are looking to flip a house, move in the next 5-10 years or budget minded individuals who are looking to replace their worn out shingles. 

We back this roofing system with a 10 Year Warranty on Workmanship.

The “Rubber” Super Shingle

Our signature roofing system is a SBS Rubber Modified Asphalt Shingle that is hail resistant. Unlike a typical shingle, which has a felt or fibreglass membrane, The “Rubber” Super Shingle is made of a SBS Rubber membrane that the Granules Stick to. So you don’t get the same degree of shedding into the eaves that you would on a conventional asphalt shingle. It is also a much more flexible product allowing us to install it year round and in temperatures as low as -30° C (-22° F). 

We back this roofing system with at 15 Year Warranty on Workmanship.



GEM EuroShield® Lite Tile

The EuroShield® Lite Tile Roofing System is a true lifetime roofing system. It comes in a variety of styles and colours. Vermont Slate SC (Solid Core), Beaumont Shake, Harvest Shake and are available in Brown, Black and Grey.

All of Euroshield® Products are covered by a 50 Year Non-Prorated Warranty that is Transferable. Euroshield® products contain 70% crumb rubber from tires and approximately 95% recycled content. Which makes it an environmentally friendly choice in roofing, utilizing over 53% of the crumb rubber generated by Alberta crumb rubber processors to produce Euroshield® roofing.

We back this roofing system with at 15 Year Warranty on Workmanship.

Metal Roofing Systems

We offer a couple of different metal roofing systems depending on what the homeowners aesthetic goals are, we use Metro Stone Coated Metal Panels (Top) or Corrugated Metal Panels (Bottom). Both systems are a Lifetime Roofing product that the homeowner will not have to replace. Also due to the way that Metal Roofing is Fastened to the Roof, we cover the entire roof in Ice & Water Membrane to completely protect the underlying wood from water damage and ensure there are no leak points. 

With Metal Roofing some clients, as well as roofing companies, will try to forego tearing off of the existing shingles. This is not up to roofing code and customers should be wary of any company offering to install ANY roofing product over top of an existing Roofing System.

We back this roofing system with at 15 Year Warranty on Workmanship.