Solar Panels

More and more people are becoming dedicated to doing their part for the environment, with energy costs rising and decreased costs for installation Solar Panels are becoming more and more attractive to the average consumer!


Solar Panels

Solar Panels use light to generate energy for your home. Supplying your own solar energy through renewable sources will greatly reduce your carbon emissions and save you thousands of dollars over the next 25+ years. By installing Solar Panels you protect yourself from a volatile energy market where rates are constantly changing and save yourself money on your bills, so that you are able to save more for the future and reduce your carbon footprint.


The Cost

A common question that we get is "Aren't Solar Panels Expensive?" 

The reality is that that solar panels are actually more affordable than ever in Alberta. Edmonton and Western Canada in general is very cost effective and customers are often eligible for solar power rebates and/or system financing, further dropping your investment in solar power. We will provide all your engineering, material, labour, and permitting and make sure that your home is prepared for the future of energy!


6 great reasons to install solar panels!

  1. Drastically reduce or even eliminate your electric bills!
  2. Solar Panels are a great return on your Investment!
  3. Protection against rising energy costs!
  4. Increase your property value!
  5. Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability!
  6. Protect the environment!